Wedding Plans and Preparations: Considerations During Challenging times by Lana Adams

Take it day-by-day and do not panic.
Let your planner be your eyes and ears and do The research To make your dreams come True.
happy 2021 To brides, grooms, Their parents, and guests!

Lemons have definitely been tossed at brides and grooms in
2020, but you can finish by making lemonade and having your
dream wedding! Like never before, it is so important to have a
Plan B and to hire a wedding planner to assist you in the stress.

Weddings are likely to be smaller and managing the size of
your guest count is key. Figuring out how to cut your guest
list can be an extremely difficult task, but your family and
friends will understand.


If your wedding must be postponed, communicate to your guests
with a change-the-date card informing them of updated details and
date. It is wise if your upcoming nuptials are to take place in the
next six months to a year, to include in your invitation a coordinated
note explaining that you are monitoring local health guidelines and
your ultimate goal is to keep all guests informed and safe.

Another alternative is to send out a digital invitation if your
guests are unable to attend, offering the ceremony on a live
stream. The custom digital invitation should coordinate with
your formal invitation and include instructions where and how
to view the live stream.


“Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the wedding of Mary Caroline
Smith and John Preston Jones will not take place on December 5th
as originally planned. A new wedding date will be announced as
soon as possible.”

“We regret to inform you that the wedding of Mary Caroline Smith
to John Preston Jones will not take place as scheduled, due to the
COVID-19 pandemic. Please save the new date of April 10, 2021.
Formal invitation to follow.”

“Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided to reschedule
our wedding to now take place April 10, 2021. Invitation and
details to follow.”

So many people are nervous about vendors, deposits, and payments.
Protect yourself by working with a wedding planner who has
experience and a relationship with your vendors. You want your
vendors to be comfortable as well and have clarity once details have
been rescheduled.


You can still make your ceremony a special experience with a few
adjustments in your layout. You always want to remember your guests
in the planning process, so you may have less seating that is more
spaced out and allow your guests the alternative to stand. Ceremonies
may also become shorter to ensure everyone is comfortable. Another
detail to consider is the program distribution. Rather than having
an usher or house party hand them out, place the program on each
chair or pew; or forgo the program completely by displaying your
wedding ceremony details on a large board with beautiful calligraphy.


Create an over-the-top reception to elevate your guests’
experience. Consider a mariachi band, a magician, a caricature
artist, or even a food truck.

Instead of having hors d’oeuvres passed on a tray, have your
caterer create a unique individualized portion displayed in a mini
box for your guests to enjoy at their seats. More beautiful display
presentations incorporating mini spoons, mini bags, and mini
martini glasses are other options with a self-service approach.
Buffets can continue but must be served by your caterer’s staff.

A mix of different size tables, more spaced out with less seats, is
the new trend. Move away from escort cards and display your
seating chart if you are hosting a seated dinner.

If you have elected to move your reception from an indoor to an
outdoor venue, a few things to remember:

  1. Communicate clearly to your guests of the change and
    that they will be outdoors.
  2. Make sure your guests are comfortable. You might have to
    supply customized fans, serve a glass of champagne or a cup
    of hot apple cider.
  3. Walk through with your wedding planner during an evening
    a few months prior to review any darks spots or necessary
    lighting needs.
  4. Be sure there are adequate facilities for your guests.
  5. Keep your décor minimal. You can add decorations to the
    natural elements located on your venue. Use the outdoors to
    your advantage.
  6. Incorporate a something dramatic—a butterfly release or a
    rose cannon pop.
  7. East Texas weather can be eventful. Always be ready with
    your back-up plan.


    We are in the new normal. Learn to adapt and be open to
    flexibility and change. With COVID-19 restrictions, you want
    your guests to be comfortable, so having several cute masks/
    sanitizer stations positioned in your floor plan is something to
    consider including. Instead of having your welcome bags waiting
    for your guests at the hotel, consider mailing the bags to your
    guests to communicate any last-minute changes a week prior to
    your big day. Everyday there seems to be a change and what was
    ok to do the week prior, is now different. Education is a must.


    Referrals from your family and friends in the city where you
    are hosting your wedding is probably the best option. Research
    your potential wedding planner’s social media accounts on past
    weddings they have planned. Remember, this person needs to
    become your best friend, so you need to “click.” Vendors can
    also refer reputable wedding planners. They have worked with
    the best and the worst!

    Take it day-by-day and do not panic. Let your planner be your
    eyes and ears and do the research to make your dreams come
    true. Happy 2021 to brides, grooms, their parents, and guests!